The Fixer

Thanks to everyone who read and responded to my story. I am overwhelmed by your support. Thanks especially to those who have offered suggestions as to how to proceed. My friend, Gin Kilgore, thought that The Chainlink, a Chicago bicycling community website, might be another good forum to post my story and I have gotten a great response from there as well.

On your advice, I submitted my story to several print media outlets and heard back from one: The Fixer, aka Stephanie Zimmerman at the Chicago Sun Times. She has a regular column where she goes to bat for individuals who have been taken advantage of or have run into roadblocks with big business. Ricky Rosado thought she might be helpful so kudos to you, man! Stephanie will start making calls wielding the leverage of the mighty free press. So cool! I will update you as I learn more.


About jkasbury

A guy with busted teeth fed up with his HMO.
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One Response to The Fixer

  1. T.C. says:

    Right on!! Hang in there…

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