You Did It!!!

I just heard that Humana has agreed to cover my dental work! The woman from the grievance squad who gave me the news referenced the blog, so clearly it had an effect on their decision. How cool is that?! The Fixer was not yet on the job–see previous post. Oddly enough she had a dentist appointment. So it was all you! Thanks again to everyone who has visited this site and increased its influence. I appreciate you more than I can say.

So far Humana has just said that they will cover the work without specifying limitations: implants vs. bridgework vs. ?? Nor have they said what fraction of the work will be reimbursed so the story is not yet over. But this is a great start.


About jkasbury

A guy with busted teeth fed up with his HMO.
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4 Responses to You Did It!!!

  1. Kathy Schubert says:

    When I heard about your crash, I decided to bring back the petitions to the Department of Transportation asking for more metal grated bridges to be made safer for cyclists. Since then I have encountered another cyclist who crashed on the LaSalle St. Bridge just a month ago. He also messed up his face.
    Not one person refused to sign and I have 50 signatures already. I will be carrying the petition through Daley Plaza tomorrow at the Bike to Work Rally – Friday, June 17 from 7:30AM until 9:00AM Please find me and ask to sign it. You’ll recognize me easily. I will have a dog in a cycling jersey on a leash or in the bike basket.

  2. T.C. says:


  3. Suzi Wint says:

    Glad to hear it’s working out!
    One more piece of advice from my surgeries: if they offer you Valium, there’s a good reason.
    Good luck!

  4. Jim dyer says:

    Why don’t you write more? You’re a really good writer. I want to know how it’s going.

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